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Baby Alive All Better Baby Aliveby Bld Hair E6937

Baby Alive Mix My Medicine Baby is home sick in her kitty-cat pajamas today. Does she need her medicine? A

Baby Alive Baby Aliveby Gotta Bounce Frog E9427

SHE BOUNCES AND GIGGLES: Baby Alive Baby Gotta Bounce doll will bounce with infectious laughter when you squeeze her wrist,

Baby Alive Shimmer N Splash Mermaid(Brunette) E3691

Shimmer ?n Splash Mermaid makes a splash with tons of fun in and out of the water! Just pull down

Baby Alive Snackin Noodles Baby Aliveby Blonde C0963

Make noodle shapes with reusable doll foodShe “poops” and kids can change her diaperSays 20 plus sounds and phrases in