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WizGear Automatic Wireless Car Charging Mount

WizGear Automatic Wireless Car Charging Mount

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FAST WIRELESS CHARGER: Replenish your phone’s battery quickly while on the go with the WizGear car phone wireless charging mount. The powerful, rapid charging wireless car charger will have your phone batter back up to 100% quickly and efficiently so you can get back to work right away after you park your car. HANDS FREE DRIVING: Keep yourself and your passenger’s safe when you’re driving by using are car phone mount wireless charger. Your phone is securely held in the perfect position for you to see while you keep your hands on the wheel. Holding a phone while driving is illegal in many locations and this mount is regulation compliant. AUTOMATIC CLAMPING ARMS: Our automatic charging mount for car comes with arms that close automatically to firmly grip your smartphone while you turn your attention to driving. Simply place your cell phone on the pad and the automatic arms will instantly take over holding your phone securely yet gently in their grip. TELESCOPIC CLEAR VIEW ARM: Adjust your smartphone to the perfect position so you can see it clearly while driving. Whether you need it to play your tunes or give you direction via GPS, this car mount allows you to adjust the location of your phone for maximum visibility while on the road. AIR VENT MOUNT: This car phone mount wireless charger is quickly and easily attached to your car’s vent with a secure twist lock that prevents it from detaching involuntarily. The powerful, yet small footprint of the base allows for a secure attachment with enough room for air to flow through your car’s vent.


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